Q.S. Khan is an English Teacher in NYC. She has a passion for teaching, and adores her students. She is also the author of the novel “Heir of Merlin: Serene’s Awakening” (Coming Soon).

The short-story version of Q.S.’s novel “Heir of Merlin” will be featured in the “Forgotten Places” fantasy anthology alongside many other talented authors, including her friend and best-selling author,  Josh Walker!

Q.S. is also working on another exciting writing project with Josh Walker. Stay tuned for more information on this new development!

In her free time, Q.S. enjoys a good cup of coffee, and cuddling with her three parrots Kiwi, Olive, and Gizmo. She enjoys reading a good book, and being surrounded by positivity.

You can also find Q.S. Khan on her Twitter page:  @QSKhan_Author